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Cloud wine 29 is a hand crafted wine company that produces wines that are sometimes sweet and sometimes dry to please different pallets. My love for wine started at the dinner table with my family, my parents would have a glass of wine on Sundays for dinner it wasn’t always red & it wasn’t always white. At a young age I was always intrigued of what it taste like, wine brought us happiness and conversations, This Is Where My Passion Begins !! making my own wine has brought me patience and passion. I love knowing that I made something soo special in a bottle that can trigger someone’s palate, I play with different fruits that can spark a charisma while having dinner or while being social . And now I’m bringing it to you, CLOUD WINE specializes in wine tasting event and any other special events, to bring people together To start a conversation and experience delicious wine that would take you to the clouds where you can feel an amazing vibe. For me each pour brings me joy I love the sound it makes as im filling up my glass, I love the feeling of swirling my wine, looking at the vibrant colors and most importantly sipping some CLOUD WINE 29 !! if interested in having us be a part of your event Whether it’s wine tasting, an engagement a wedding, a small group gathering or a large group gathering please send us a email as we will be sure to answer you promptly. Be sure to leave a window of 2 to 4 weeks to customize your exclusive CLOUD WINE 29 !!



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you ship to different states?

Wine shipping is unavailable at this time due to legal requirements. But we Will soon announce when we are able to do so. All other products are available for shipping.

2. How can I purchase a bottle?

To purchase wine bottle add to cart and select delivery. We are currently doing deliveries in the DMV area as well as  NYC (BK, QNS, L.I. & NJ) 



Wine shipping is unavailable at the moment.  Deliveries are being made through the DMV & NYC are. All other products are available for shipping. Proceed to place your order and we will bring the wine to you Or your special event. Please email us with any questions